Credits for Prior Learning
Credits for Prior Learning
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Credits for Prior Learning

What Is Credit For Prior Learning (CPL)?
Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) translates work and life experience into college credit for adult learners. CPL comes from things like career experience and training, military service, standardized exams and tests, professional certifications, and credits earned at other colleges. CPL helps adult learners move toward a degree while saving time and money, and CPL are accepted at Perice College.
What Counts As College Credit?
Whether you learned a skill during your service in the military, earned a certification on the job or aced an exam, you're already on your way to earning a degree or credential.
Some Examples Of Experinces, Credentials, Skills & Exams That Are Considered For CPL:
  • Workplace Experience & Training
  • Military Service
  • Exams & Standarized Tests
  • Professional Certifications & Awards
  • College credits earned at another college or university
Benefits Of Earning Credit From Previous Experience
SAVE TIME & MONEY - A typical adult learner is looking for opportunities to maximize time and funds, and we get that. Taking advantage of CPL means more time spent with your loved ones and less time in the classroom, while still working toward a degree or certificate program.
VALIDATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE - Maybe you entered the workforce when others entered college, and now you're ready to earn your college degree. CPL will validate your real-world education by turning your work experience into college credits.
MEET GENERAL EDUCATION & PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS - Think that standardized test was all for nothing? Think again. Some exams and tests can serve as credit that could help bypass some required courses. Once again, saving time and money.
Questions? Contact Us!
If you have any questions about how your Credit For Prior Learning (CPL) credits apply to programs at Peirce College, or about career options that may be a good fit for you, contact the Admissions Team at Peirce College: